Here are our most popular automatic openers to go with our sectional, roller and tilt-a-doors.

Merlin garage door opener Silent Drive  



Premium quality automatic opener that is quiet, secure and contains the latest energy saving design features. Re-order code:

Merlin The all rounder  


The all rounder

With its powerful AC motor, dual speed chain drive system this automatic opener is highly adaptable and will suit a multitude of applications. Capable of lifting large sectional and tilt doors effortlessly, it's no wonder this is the world's most popular opener.

Merlin Overdrive Evolution  


Merlin OverDrive Evolution

Light commercial opener
The extra heavy duty design is made to operate series 2 roller doors up to 25m2 and 5.5m high.

No need to open your door the old fashioned way, now there is an affordable solution to fit your existing door.

Merlin WhisperDrive  



The ultimate garage door opener
Super-fast and quiet, this energy efficient opener comes complete with all the bells & whistles.

Merlin Tiltmaster  



The perfect power partner for tilt doors
Designed specifically for tilt doors, this opener is quiet, powerful and backed by a full 5 year warranty.

Merlin PowerAce  



As quiet as a mouse, this energy efficient opener has the latest security and multi frequency technology.


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